What Is The Aim Of Guidance?

What is the role of teacher in guidance?

Teachers can foster planning when: they help students relate what they learn and the goals they have for their lives, in order to promote a forward-looking perspective with confidence; help students identify learning objectives and plan what to study and how to study; value the role of school and work for the ….

What is the concept of guidance and Counselling?

Guidance counseling, byname counseling and guidance, the process of helping individuals discover and develop their educational, vocational, and psychological potentialities and thereby to achieve an optimal level of personal happiness and social usefulness.

What is the relationship between guidance and Counselling?

Guidance refers to an advice or a relevant piece of information provided by a superior, to resolve a problem or overcome from difficulty. Counseling refers to a professional advice given by a counselor to an individual to help him in overcoming from personal or psychological problems.

What are the main aims of guidance?

The major aim of Guidance Counseling Services is to encourage students’ academic, social, emotional and personal development. To reach this aim, guidance counseling services help students get to know themselves better and find effective solutions to their daily problems.

What are the aims of guidance and Counselling program?

1. Personal development and adjustment. Self-understanding: the discovery of potentialities, special aptitudes, and interests. Recognition and development of favourable attitudes and habits, and the elimination of undesirable traits.

What is concept of guidance?

The guidance refers to advice or information provided by a person of experience, to solve a problem or improve something. The guidance refers to the process of helping individuals to discover and develop their potential. … This is because; a properly guided individual would be able to shape his destiny.

What is the nature of guidance?

Guidance is self-direction. The nature of Guidance is not to thrust itself on an individual. … The ultimate purpose of guidance is guide the individual to direct himself in the right direction, to make his own choices, to fix his own life-goals and to carry his own burden.

What is the importance of guidance in schools?

It helps to shape a student’s behaviour and also instil enough discipline in them. Proper guidance helps them achieve their goals, well guided & counselled students know what to do and how to do things in the best possible way. 4. Students learn how to live in peace and harmony with others in the school community.

What is the meaning and purpose of guidance?

Definitions of Guidance: “Guidance involves personal help given by someone; it is designed to assist the individual to decide where he wants to go, what he wants to do and how best he can accomplish his purpose”. — Jones.

What are the basic principles of guidance?

Principles of GuidancePrinciple of all-round development of the individual. … The principle of human uniqueness. … Principle of holistic development. … The principle of cooperation. … The principle of continuity. … The principle of extension. … The principle of elaboration. … The principle of adjustment.More items…•

What are the features of guidance?

It is a help given by one person to another in solving problem.It is not giving directions and imposition of one person’s point of view upon another person.It is not making decisions for an individual which he should make for himself.It is formal as well as informal process of guidance.More items…