What Does Gradual Mean In Art?

What is a gradual process?

A gradual change or process occurs in small stages over a long period of time, rather than suddenly.

Losing weight is a slow, gradual process.

Synonyms: steady, even, slow, regular More Synonyms of gradual..

What is the opposite of gradual?

gradual(adj) (of a topographical gradient) not steep or abrupt. “a gradual slope” Antonyms: sheer, heavy, sharp, steep, emergent, explosive, sudden, steep-sided, abrupt, fulminant, jerky, choppy, bluff, precipitous, steepish, perpendicular, bold.

What part of speech is gradual?

gradualpart of speech:adjectivedefinition:happening by degrees that are small and even. There was a gradual change in the weather.The tree showed gradual growth. synonyms: progressive antonyms: abrupt, sharp, sheer, steep similar words: even, gentle, orderly, regular, successive1 more row

What does a gradual slope mean?

a gradual slope is not steep. a gradual ascent to the top of the hill.

What does stalled mean?

Stall means to stop or delay. If your car stalls, it comes to a stop. When you want a horse to stop, you put him in a stall, or small enclosure inside a barn. The word stall implies stopping something that will start again — a horse will leave the stall eventually and start moving, a stalled car can be restarted.

How do you use gradual in a sentence?

Examples of gradual in a Sentence Adjective We noticed a gradual change in temperature. The hospital has made gradual improvements in health care. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘gradual.

What’s the opposite of absence?

What is the opposite of absence?attentionconcentrationdisdaindisregardignoranceneglectalertness

Which is an example of gradualism in landscapes?

Here are some examples of gradualism: A species of butterfly is yellow and black in color. … Over a long period of time, the yellow and black butterflies die out, because the orange and yellow color combination makes the butterflies less visible to predators.

What does gradual mean?

adjective. taking place, changing, moving, etc., by small degrees or little by little: gradual improvement in health. rising or descending at an even, moderate inclination: a gradual slope.

What’s another word for gradual?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for gradual, like: progressive, gradational, continuous, sudden, abrupt, infrequent, intermittent, piecemeal, step-by-step, easy and gentle.

What does dull mean in art?

adjective, dull·er, dull·est. not bright, intense, or clear; dim: a dull day; a dull sound. having very little depth of color; lacking in richness or intensity of color.

What is the adverb of gradual?

adverb. /ˈɡrædʒuəli/ , /ˈɡrædʒəli/ slowly, over a long period of time The weather gradually improved.

What does biannual mean?

Biannual can mean two things: occurring once every two years or occurring twice per year. Biannual is a synonym of biyearly, which can also be used to mean every two years or twice per year. (Biyearly can also mean “lasting for two years,” but this meaning is rarely used.) The adverb form of biannual is biannually.