Quick Answer: What Part Of Speech Is Rewarding?

Is reward a verb or adjective?

verb (used with object) to recompense or requite (a person or animal) for service, merit, achievement, etc.

to make return for or requite (service, merit, etc.); recompense..

Is satisfaction a noun or adjective?

noun. an act of satisfying; fulfillment; gratification. the state of being satisfied; contentment.

What is another word for violate?

In this page you can discover 73 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for violate, like: outrage, violative, break, injure, insult, interrupt, invade, offend, pollute, ravage and spoil.

What does it mean to Super violate someone?

He said the term “super violate” meant to perform a “violent act, including shooting him.” … conspired, attempted and threatened to commit acts of violence including acts involving murder, robbery and extortion against rival gang members and other individuals adverse to the enterprise.”

What is the verb form of reward?

verb. /rɪˈwɔːd/ /rɪˈwɔːrd/ [often passive] present simple I / you / we / they reward.

Is rewarding an adjective?

adjective. affording satisfaction, valuable experience, or the like; worthwhile.

What is an example of a violation?

Violation definitions The definition of a violation is a breach of a law or of a code of behavior. When you drive your car faster than the speed limit, this is an example of a violation of the law. … Infringement or breach, as of a law, rule, right, etc. Sexual assault; rape.

What is the verb form of satisfaction?

satisfaction noun (≠ dissatisfaction) satisfactory adjective (≠ unsatisfactory) satisfy verb. satisfying adjective (≠ unsatisfying) satisfied adjective (≠ dissatisfied) (≠ unsatisfied)

Is rewarded a noun?

noun. a sum of money offered for the detection or capture of a criminal, the recovery of lost or stolen property, etc. something given or received in return or recompense for service, merit, hardship, etc.

What violate means?

verb (used with object), vi·o·lat·ed, vi·o·lat·ing. to break, infringe, or transgress (a law, rule, agreement, promise, instructions, etc.). to break in upon or disturb rudely; interfere thoughtlessly with: to violate his privacy. to break through or pass by force or without right: to violate a frontier.

Is bravery an abstract noun?

Bravery is abstract. It is something that we cannot touch, hear or see. We can only see the results of when someone is brave.

What type of noun is bravery?

Originally Answered: What is the noun form of brave? Bravery is the noun form of Brave.

What is another word for rewarding?

In this page you can discover 38 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for rewarding, like: dishonoring, readable, satisfying, fulfilling, gratifying, worthwhile, beneficial, pleasing, profitable, unrewarding and upsetting.

What is the verb of award?

verb (used with object) to give as due or merited; assign or bestow: to award prizes.

Is kind a adjective?

adjective, kind·er, kind·est. of a good or benevolent nature or disposition, as a person: a kind and loving person.

What is the verb of Behaviour?

Behavior refers to how you conduct yourself. The noun behavior is a spin-off of the verb behave. … Get rid of the be in behave and you’re left with have, which makes sense: you could say that to behave is to “have” or “own” yourself — to control yourself.

What is the adverb of satisfaction?


Is Rewarded an abstract noun?

The word reward (rewards) is a noun,an abstract noun and its meaning is-a thing given in recognition of service or achievements.