Quick Answer: What Is CXML PunchOut?

What is CIF Catalogue?

A CIF Catalog is a digital file format used to electronically communicate a product or service catalog from a supplier to a buyer.

After their founding in 1996, Ariba®, a leader in electronic procurement, introduced the Catalog Interchange Format (CIF) as their standardized electronic file format for supplier catalogs..

What does cXML mean?

commerce eXtensible Markup LanguagecXML (commerce eXtensible Markup Language) is a protocol, created by Ariba in 1999, intended for communication of business documents between procurement applications, e-commerce hubs and suppliers.

What is Level 2 PunchOut?

A Level 2 PunchOut, also written as Level II PunchOut, combines a PunchOut Website with a CIF Catalog to create a single shopping environment for PunchOut catalogs and catalogs stored in the procurement system, like Ariba Buyer. … A Level 2 PunchOut marries both worlds.

What is the difference between EDI and XML?

EDI – A Protocol while XML is a Data Format XML is a data format, not a protocol or an application, on the other hand, EDI is. … XML makes more sense for small and mid-size companies that do not have to follow a standard format and whose transactional needs are less intense.

What is a static catalog?

A static catalog requires that all 100 product pages be changed-a process that could take days, or even weeks. But dynamic catalogs are built from a series of customized text-and-graphics templates-sets of guides that tell designers how to format the data-that are integrated into the company’s product database.

What is a punchout?

PunchOut is a mechanism by which the e-procurement application makes it possible for a buyer to access a supplier’s website from the buyer’s own procurement application. … The buyer browses the web-based catalog and adds items to the shopping cart while both applications maintain their connections.

What is OCI Punchout?

Open Catalog Interface (OCI) is one of the standard formats used by SAP Supplier Relationship Management, ORDIGES Purchase-to-Pay, Microsoft Dynamics AX and other ERP/Purchasing Systems when connecting to external punch-out catalogs.

What is a hosted catalog?

A hosted catalog is the most basic information about a seller’s product; raw data such as name, description, and price. Hosted catalog data is given to the buyer’s e-Procurement system manager and loaded into the buyer’s eprocurement system. … That’s one key reason buyers prefer Punchout catalogs.