Quick Answer: What Is An Example Of Territoriality?

What is an example of territorial behavior?

Territorial behaviour is adaptive in many ways; it may permit an animal to mate without interruption or to raise its young in an area where there will be little competition for food.

In communally nesting birds such as gulls, the territory may simply consist of the nest itself..

What is territoriality in human geography?

territoriality. (Robert Sack) the attempt by and individual or group to affect, influence, or control people, phenomena, and relationships, by delimiting and asserting control over a geographic area. sovereignty. having the last say (having control) over and territory-politically and militarily.

What does territoriality mean?

noun. territorial quality, condition, or status. the behavior of an animal in defining and defending its territory. attachment to or protection of a territory or domain.

What is an example of territory?

Territory is a plot of land controlled by a specific person, animal or country, or where a person has knowledge, rights or responsibilities. An example of territory is all the land controlled by a king. … A geographic area occupied by a single animal, mating pair, or group.

What is a territorial person?

A person — or an animal — who guards or defends the area she considers to belong to her is territorial. You can also use the adjective to describe anything relating to the territory itself. For example, territorial boundaries are invisible lines that mark the division between one country, or territory, and another.

WHAT ARE courtship Behaviours?

Courtship in animals is the behaviour by which different species select their partners for reproduction. Usually, the male starts the courtship, and the female chooses to either mate or reject the male based on his “performance”.