Quick Answer: What Are The 4 Most Common Elements In The Universe?

What are the top 10 elements in the universe?

1.) Hydrogen.

Created during the hot Big Bang but depleted by stellar fusion, ~70% of the Universe remains hydrogen.2.) Helium.

About 28% is helium, with 25% formed in the Big Bang and 3% from stellar fusion.3.) Oxygen.

4.) Carbon.

5.) Neon.

6.) Nitrogen.

7.) Magnesium.

8.) Silicon.More items…•.

What are the 5 most common elements?

Living organisms often contain trace amounts of several elements, but the most abundant ones are oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus.Oxygen. Oxygen is the most abundant element contained within living organisms, composing about 65% of the human body. … Carbon. … Hydrogen. … Nitrogen. … Sulfur. … Phosphorus.

What is the rarest element?

element astatineA team of researchers using the ISOLDE nuclear-physics facility at CERN has measured for the first time the so-called electron affinity of the chemical element astatine, the rarest naturally occurring element on Earth.

What is the rarest element in the universe?

AstatineAstatine is the rarest naturally occurring element.

Why is element 118 so expensive?

The most expensive natural element is francium, but it decays so quickly it can’t be collected to be sold. If you could buy it, you’d pay billions of dollars for 100 grams. The most expensive natural element that is stable enough to purchase is lutetium. … Atoms of synthetic elements cost millions of dollars to produce.

What is the smallest element in the universe?

HydrogenThey are the simplest and smallest Elements – Hydrogen and Helium. A Hydrogen atom contains one Proton and zero Neutrons. When two of these join together, one of them turns into a Neutron and makes a different kind of Hydrogen (called 2H, because it has 2 particles in the atom).

What are the six elements of life?

The six most common elements of life on Earth (including more than 97% of the mass of a human body) are carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, sulphur and phosphorus.

What is the lightest element on earth?

HydrogenThe lightest chemical element is Hydrogen and the heaviest is Hassium. The unity for atomic mass is gram per mol. Please note that the elements do not show their natural relation towards each other as in the Periodic system.

What are the most common elements in the universe?

Together, helium and hydrogen make up 99.9 percent of known matter in the universe, according to Encyclopedia.com. Even so, there is still about 10 times more hydrogen than helium in the universe, Nyman said. Oxygen, the third most common element, is about 1,000 times less abundant than hydrogen, she added.

What are the main components of the universe?

According the NASA’s StarChild Website, “The universe is a vast open space which contains all of the matter and energy in existence. The universe contains all of the galaxies, nebulae, stars, and planets.

What elements do not exist on Earth?

For example, there is no natural technetium on earth. Or at least, not for long: it exists briefly as part of the nuclear decay process. But it has been found in Technetium stars . This discover of technetium stars in 1952 was a big deal: it proved that these stars are creating new elements.

What is most expensive element in the world?

Data on elements’ abundance in Earth’s crust is added for comparison. As of 2020, the most expensive non-synthetic element by both mass and volume is rhodium. It is followed by caesium, iridium and palladium by mass and iridium, gold and platinum by volume.