Quick Answer: How Can I File TDS Return Of Government?

Can we file TDS return online?

Also, you have an option of using the software available at NSDL website known as Return Prepare Utility (e-TDS RPU Light) for filing the return online.

If returns are filed online, then they can be submitted directly at NSDL TIN website.

In this case, the deductor has to sign the return through digital signature..

Can we file TDS return before due date?

The tax deducted/collected at source is paid to the credit of the Government. Late filing fees and interest (if any) is paid to the credit of the Government. The TDS/TCS return is filed before the expiry of a period of one year from the due date specified in this behalf.

How submit TDS return in Winman?

How to use Winman-TDS? Simplified data- entry. … Revised TDS/TCS return. … Add new Challan to Revised TDS/TCS return. … Download ‘Form 16A’ from TRACES. … Import / Export TDS data from Excel. … Challan e-verification Tool. … Import Master data from Previous year. … TDS/TCS e-return.More items…

What if TDS return is not filed?

As per section 234E, where a person fails to file the TDS/TCS return on or before the due date prescribed in this regard, then he shall be liable to pay, by way of fee, a sum of Rs. 200 for every day during which the failure continues. The amount of late fees shall not exceed the amount of TDS.

Can we file TDS return without software?

Upload FVU file directly in your TDS Account present on the Income Tax website. However, one can also use the govt authorized Gen TDS software free utility which the taxpayer can free download as Gen TDS return filing software utility for all his filing requirements.

Is it mandatory to file TDS return?

TDS return filing is compulsory for all the assessees who fall under the tax slab as prescribed by the Income Tax Department. It is compulsory to e-file the TDS returns and it can be done through the official Income Tax e-filing portal. It is mandatory that the TDS returns are submitted on time by the deductors.

How can I get TDS amount?

How to claim TDS Refund Online. After registration, you can file your income tax return by downloading the relevant ITR form. Fill in the requisite details, upload the Form and click on submit. Upon filing the ITR, an acknowledgement is generated for the ITR submitted, which you must e-verify.

What is the TDS rate?

TDS Rates Applicable for Resident of IndiaTDS Rate (%)TDS Rates from 01.04.2020 to 13.05.2020TDS Rates from 14.05.2020 to 31.03.20211 5 (w.e.f from 01.06.2017) (If payment of Rent exceeds Rs. 50,000/- per month. ) 101 5 100.75 3.75 7.510 210 27.5 1.510107.510107.522 more rows•Sep 29, 2020

Who is eligible for TDS?

The concept of TDS was introduced with an aim to collect tax from the very source of income. As per this concept, a person (deductor) who is liable to make payment of specified nature to any other person (deductee) shall deduct tax at source and remit the same into the account of the Central Government.

What is 26q TDS return?

At the time of paying to the payee, the payer has to deduct TDS on certain occasions. … This payment is other than payment of salary, and the payer has to file TDS return in Form 26Q. 26Q is to be submitted on a quarterly basis.

How can I file my first TDS return?

To Upload TDS, the steps are as below:Step 1: In e-Filing Homepage, Click on “Login Here”Step 2: Enter User ID (TAN), Password, and Captcha. Click Login.Step 3: Post login, go to TDS → Upload TDS.Step 4: In the form provided, select the appropriate statement details from the drop.

What is the last date to file TDS returns?

Getty Images Last year too, the govt had extended the last date for filing TDS returns for FY 2018-19 to June 30, 2019 and deadline to issue Form 16 to July 10, 2019. The government, on May 13 announced the extension of income tax return (ITR) filing deadline for FY 2019-20 to November 30, 2020 from July 31, 2020.

What is the due date for filing TDS returns?

Due dates for filing TDS returns (Form 24Q)QuarterDue DateApril to June (Q1)31st July of the same FYJuly to September (Q2)31st October of the same FYOctober to December (Q3)31st January of the same FYJanuary to March (Q4)31st May of the next FYSep 4, 2020

On what amount TDS is deducted?

TDS is required to be deducted at 10%. Shine pvt ltd must deduct TDS of Rs 8000 and pay balance Rs 72,000 to the owner of the property. Thus the recipient of income i.e. the owner of the property in the above case receives the net amount of Rs 72,000 after deduction of tax at source.