Question: What’S Another Way Of Saying In Order To?

How do you use in order in a sentence?

Examples: She opened the window in order that the wind could come in.

The child wants to finish her homework today in order that she will be free at the weekend.

I will leave the party early in order that I will catch the bus..

How do you say get used to?

Synonyms for get used toacclimate.accustom.acquaint.adapt.adjust.familiarize.habituate.

What is the meaning of phrase in order to?

In order to is a subordinating conjunction. We use in order to with an infinitive form of a verb to express the purpose of something. It introduces a subordinate clause. … [main clause]Mrs Weaver had to work full-time [subordinate clause]in order to earn a living for herself and her family of five children.

What is another way to say used to?

What is another word for used to?habituatedaccustomedgivenwontin the habit ofinclinedliablefamiliaradjustedacquainted41 more rows

What is another word for obstacles?

RELATED WORDS AND SYNONYMS FOR OBSTACLEbarricade.blank wall.block.clog.deterrent.encumbrance.fence.hindrance.More items…

How do you use in order to and so that?

A Clause ( Action ) + In Order That + A Clause ( Purpose )Although “so that” is more common than “in order that”, “so that” is less formal than “in order that”.We can leave out “that” after “so”.When we are talking about the future, we can use both simple present tense or will after “so that”.More items…

What is another word for interfere?

Some common synonyms of interfere are intercede, interpose, intervene, and mediate.

What is the order of grammar?

Most English sentences (clauses) conform to the SVO word order. This means that the Subject comes before the Verb, which comes before the Object.

What can we use instead of used to?

We can use ‘would’ instead of ‘used to’ when a time is mentioned: ‘When I was young, I used to visit my grandmother every summmer. ‘→ ‘ When I was young, I would visit my grandmother every summer. ‘

What’s another word for getting in the way?

What is another word for get in the way?encumberhamperhinderimpedeinterfereobstructblockhold upinhibithandicap235 more rows

Should you use in order to?

“in order to” is used before the clause which indicates the purpose ( subordinating clause ). … “in order to” is used if subjects of two clauses are the same. “in order to” can be used at the beginning of a sentence ( subordinate clause can come before main clause ).

What is the difference between in order and in other?

“In order to” is referring to an action that must be done. For example “In order to use the dryer we need coins.” “In other words” is rephrasing a previous statement.

What is another way to say in a way?

What is another word for in a way?after a fashionishsomehowsomehow or otherin a rough wayin its wayto a certain extentin an approximate mannerin a manner of speaking