Question: What Mean DOB?

What is the acronym DOB and OB stand for?

Answer: dob: date of birth or Dimethoxybromoamphetamine (it depends on your topic in science) ob: obstetrician or for obstetrics..

What is a dob of butter?

Put a dob of butter on the potato, please. … Put a dob of butter on the potato, please. Etymology: Uncertain. dob(Verb) To report (a person) to someone in authority for a wrongdoing.

What is dob in USA?

d.o.b. abbreviation. DEFINITIONS1. 1. date of birth. Please give name and DOB.

What is dob in construction?

Inspectors issue Environmental Control Board (ECB) Notices of Violation or Department of Buildings (DOB) Violations when property or construction doesn’t comply with the Construction Codes, NYC Zoning Resolution and other applicable laws and rules.

Is DOB a word?

Definition of DOB: date of birth. to inform on [v DOBBED, DOBBING, DOBS]

What is dob medical term?

Meaning. DOB. Difficulty of Breathing (medical condition)

What is DOB stand for?

date of birthDOB is a written abbreviation for date of birth, used especially on official forms. You may also like.

What is DOB test?

What is DOB? A DOB test helps your doctor see how well your heart works under stress. You will get a medicine called Dobutamine. It will make your heart beat stronger and faster during the test. You will lie on a bed during the test.

What does dob me in mean?

Meaning of dob sb in in English to secretly tell someone in authority that someone else has done something wrong: Who was it who dobbed me in (to the teacher)?

What is dob bank?

DOB as abbreviation means “Domestic-Owned Bank”

Is it DOB or DOB?

DOB or Dob often refers to date of birth.

What is dob in security?

Most security teams record daily events using a physical daily occurrence book (DOB). The DOB consists of triplicate carbon copies accessible to security teams.