Question: What Does Eligible Mean On A First Advantage Background Check?

What does decisional mean on a background check first advantage?

using a list of pre-set hiring guidelines and return the overallbackground screening status as “eligible” for hire or “decisional.” Decisional outcomes must be manually reviewed by the employer’s hiring team, who will make the final decision as to eligibility..

How long does a background check take through First Advantage?

The typical response we give our hiring managers is 7–10 days is average. However, as stated before since each applicant is different depending on where they might have resided sometimes the background checks in certain areas many take longer.

What is the most common background check for employment?

Most Common Background Checks for EmployersWhich employment screens are best for your organization? … Criminal History Checks (National, Federal, County, etc.)Social Security Number Trace + Address History.Education and Employer Verification.Other Common Background Checks for Employers:How Do You Manage the Collection of All This Sensitive Information?

What’s a Level 4 background check?

Remember the level 4 background check with the word ‘Executive. ‘ These types of background checks are vital components while hiring executives or promoting them from within the company. The level 4 checks are similar to level three checks, including federal criminal search, national bankruptcy, and media search.

What is a graded background check?

A graded background check simply allows your Origin background screening researcher to adjudicate background check reports, with a “Pass” or “Fail”, based on your companies predefined criteria.

What does eligible on a background check mean?

It means that your background check has come back to home office and it is clear and your good to go and are eligible to be hired on at walmart.

What does Level 1 on a background check mean?

Level 1: a state-only name-based check. Level 2: a state and national fingerprint-based check and consideration of disqualifying offenses and applies to those employees designated by law as holding positions of responsibility or trust.

How do I know if I pass a background check?

How do I know if I pass my background check? They will either call or email you to let you know that the background has cleared. You may not even receive a notification that you passed the background check – you may just receive an offer.

How far back does a state background check go?

seven yearsNot only is seven years the baseline lookback period for what is generally available at the courts, but this is also the industry standard for lookback periods. In addition, some states limit the reporting of criminal record information to seven years. States that have a seven-year scope limitation include: California.