Question: Is Controller A Line Or Staff Position?

What is the difference between a line position and a staff position?

A line position is a position that has authority and responsibility for achieving the major goals of the organization.

A staff position is a position whose primary purpose is providing specialized expertise and assistance to line positions.

Technical staff are specialists, such as engineers and economists..

What is a line position?

A line position is directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the organization, such as producing or selling a product or service. Line positions are occupied by line personnel and line managers. … Line managers make the majority of the decisions and direct line personnel to achieve company goals.

What is the primary difference between a line structure and a line and staff structure?

Perhaps the most important (and obvious) difference between line and staff is purpose : line’s purpose is to work directly toward organisational goals, whereas staff advises and assists.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of line and staff Organisation?

Disadvantages of Line and Staff Organisation:Conflict between Line and Staff Personnel: ADVERTISEMENTS: … Lack of Responsibility: There is a lack of responsibility for staff officials. … More Dependence on Staff: The line officers become habituated for advice on staff. … Lack of Co-Ordination: … Ineffective Staff: … Expensive:

What is a line function?

Horizontal lines ARE functions because the relation (set of points) has the characteristic that each input is related to exactly one output.

What is a staff level position?

A “staff”-level job generally suggests a typical in-house employee for an organization as opposed to an outside worker. … When the two words appear together in a job title, such as “associate staff engineer,” it suggests a junior version of a relatively senior or permanent rank.

Is an example of a staff position?

Staff Functions Staff positions can be further defined as technical or support people. Examples of technical positions are accountants and engineers. Support staff positions are clerks, secretaries and data processors. Staff employees are not directly involved in producing and selling activities.

What is the difference between a line position and a staff position quizlet?

What is the difference between “Line” and “Staff”? Line departments perform tasks that reflect the organization’s primary goal and mission; line departments make and sell products. Staff include all of those that provide specialized skills in support of the line departments.

What is a line and staff organizational structure?

Line-staff organization, in management, approach in which authorities (e.g., managers) establish goals and directives that are then fulfilled by staff and other workers. A line-staff organizational structure attempts to render a large and complex enterprise more flexible without sacrificing managerial authority.

Why are line and staff positions most likely to be in conflict?

Line managers generally perceive that staff managers are not accountable for their actions. Such lack of accountability on the part of staff leads to ignoring of the overall organizational objectives. … Such perception among the line managers is one of the most important sources of line and staff conflict.

When a manager has many subordinates a wide span of management exists?

– A wide span of management exists when a manager directly supervises a large number of employees. – A narrow span of management exists when a manager directly supervises only a few subordinates.

What is line authority and how does it look on an organizational chart?

03 Lesson – Review Business Operations and Organizational StructuresABUnity of Command-clear reporting relationship for all staff of a businessWhat is line authority, and how does it look on an organizational chart?Line authority can be traced in a line from the top of an organization to the bottom.23 more rows

How is staffing a line as well as staff function?

Staffing is considered both line as well as staff activity because staffing is both function of management like planning, organising, directing and controlling as well as distinct functional area of the management(i.e.,Human Resource Management) just as marketing management and financial management.

What is a line level employee?

Line-Level: Those employees whose jobs are considered entry level or nonsupervisory.: These are typically positions where the employee is paid an hourly (rather than salary) compensation.: Examples include positions such as guest service agents, room attendants, and food and beverage servers.