Question: How Do I Talk To A Person At Texas DPS?

What do I need to bring to Texas DPS?

You will need to provide proof of the following to apply for a driver license:U.S.

Citizenship or, if you are not a U.S.

Citizen, evidence of lawful presence.Texas Residency.Identity, and.Social Security Number.Evidence of Texas Vehicle Registration* for each vehicle you own.More items….

How much does a state trooper make in Texas?

The typical Texas Department of Public Safety State Trooper salary is $71,547. State Trooper salaries at Texas Department of Public Safety can range from $38,250 – $101,465.

What is the best time to go to DPS?

When is the Best Time to Visit a DPS Office?Lunch hour, around noon. … The first and last days that the office is open (usually Monday and Friday).The beginning and ending of the month.Days immediately before and after holidays and extended periods of unavailability.

What do DPS officers do?

Only public safety officers have the authority to make arrests, not community service officers. But most often, DPS works to enforce student conduct policies in collaboration with the university’s internal disciplinary office, Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards, known as SJACS.

What documents do I need for a real ID in Texas?

Requiring proof of identity, date of birth, social security number, lawful status, and primary residence address. Verifying the authenticity of the documents presented for issuance. Incorporating additional security features into the card, and.

How do you establish residency in Texas?

To establish domicile, you or your parent(s)/guardian(s) must meet the following criteria:Live in Texas for 12 consecutive months; and.Establish and maintain domicile for 12 consecutive months by doing one of the following: Be gainfully employed in Texas (student jobs do not qualify as gainful employment);

How do I renew my Texas drivers license by phone?

Begin the online renewal process, or call 1-866-DL RENEW (1-866-357-3639) to renew by telephone.

What does Texas DPS stand for?

Department of Public SafetyThe Department of Public Safety of the State of Texas, commonly known as the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), is a department of the state government of Texas. The DPS is responsible for statewide law enforcement and vehicle regulation. The Public Safety Commission oversees the DPS.

How many employees does Texas DPS have?

Texas Highway PatrolEmployees7,611 (as of 2004)Jurisdictional structureOperations jurisdictionTexas, U.S.Size261,797 square miles (678,050 km2)22 more rows

Which DMV has the shortest wait?

Those without appointments had a wait of two hours and 20 minutes. San Ysidro, Poway, San Marcos and Chula Vista had the longest wait times. El Cajon and Clairemont had the shortest waits for those without appointments.

How do I speak to a human at Texas DPS?

If the office you are trying to contact is not listed, or if you do not know which office you need to contact, please call Customer Service at (512) 424-2000.

Who is in charge of Texas DPS?

Governor Greg AbbottThe Public Safety Commission oversees the DPS. Its five members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the state senate for staggered, six-year terms. Steven P. Mach of Houston was reappointed to the Texas Public Safety Commission, and named Chairman by Governor Greg Abbott on March 8, 2017.

Do I need my birth certificate to renew my license in Texas?

Below is a list of accepted documents to show citizenship or legal status: Birth Certificate or Birth Record. US passport or passport card. US Citizenship Certificate or Certificate of Naturalization.

How long is the wait at DPS?

DPS data shows average wait times upwards of an hour at eight of the locations, including every mega center. The worst one, by far, is Houston Gessner, topping the list with a 2-hour, 25-minute wait. Needless to say…don’t go there.

What DMV has the shortest wait time?

The shortest waits can be found in Alturas, near the Modoc National Forest in Northern California. With or without an appointment, most people waited only two minutes to be served.