How Is Lower Respiratory Tract Infection Treated?

How long does a lower respiratory infection last?

Recovery time for a lower respiratory tract infection varies from person to person.

According to the American Lung Association, a healthy young adult can recover from a lower respiratory tract infection, such as pneumonia, in around 1 week.

For older adults, it may take several weeks to make a full recovery..

What is the strongest antibiotic for lower respiratory infection?

Popular Lower Respiratory Infection Drugsamoxicillin$5.22. … Augmentin (amoxicillin / potassium clavulanate)$13.14. … Keflex (cephalexin)$10.02. … Cleocin (clindamycin)$29.31. … Zithromax (azithromycin)$8.51. … Sulfatrim (sulfamethoxazole / trimethoprim)$6.38. … Bactrim (sulfamethoxazole / trimethoprim)$6.38.More items…

What are lower respiratory symptoms?

Symptoms of a more serious LRTI include: Fever. Severe cough. Rapid breathing or difficulty breathing….SymptomsCongestion or runny nose.Dry cough.Sore throat.Low-grade fever.Mild headache.

What is a lower respiratory infection?

Acute lower respiratory infections include pneumonia (infection of the lung alveoli), as well as infections affecting the airways such as acute bronchitis and bronchiolitis, influenza and whooping cough.