How Do You Know Your Tan?

Can we apply tan online?

TAN / TAN Online You can apply for TAN online at the NSDL-TIN website.

You can then fill and submit the form online.

Payment can be made by DD/cheque, payable at par in Mumbai, favouring NSDL-TIN or by Credit card / Debit card or Net banking..

Can we download Tan certificate?

Visit Select ‘State’ Provide ‘Name’ or ‘TAN’ depending on the option selected under ‘TAN Search’ Provide the registered mobile number. Click on ‘Continue’

How do you know if a pan is tan?

Log on to the website of Click on the ‘services’ tab on the left side of the home page and after that, go to an option called ‘Know Your PAN’. Then log in by using your User Id and Password after clicking on TAN option. Once you log in, ‘Know your TAN page’ will appear on the screen.

What is the structure of tan?

TAN structure is as follows: RAJA99999B: First four characters are letters, next five are numerals, last character is a letter. Each tax deductor is uniquely identified by a TAN. The first three characters represent the city or state where the TAN was issued.

Is Tan and PAN number same?

​​​P​AN stands for Permanent Account Number and TAN stands for Tax Deduction Account Number. … PAN cannot be used for TAN, hence, the deductor has to obtain TAN, even if he holds PAN.

What is TAN number example?

The 5th to the 9th digit is numerical. The 10th digit is again a capital letter. For example, a TAN number should look like PDES03028F. Anyone who is liable to deduct TDS from their payments must get a TAN card which they must then quote when issuing payments or getting TDS returns.