How Do I Return License Plates In CT?

How do you sign over a car title in CT?

The Connecticut title transfer requirements include a Bill of Sale with the following information:The name and address of both the new owner and the seller.The Vehicle Identification Number.The vehicle year, make, model, and color.The purchase price and purchase date.The seller’s signature..

How can I return plates to DMV?

Bring the plate(s) and decal to any DMV office and surrender them to a technician inside the office. Do not place them in a drop box unless it specifically marked for license plates. You do not need an appointment. You may cancel the registration and keep personalized or specialty plates as a souvenir.

What states require you to return your license plates?

We’ve learned 16 states—Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Vermont, Delaware, Kansas, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida—require you to turn in your license plates to them when you move.

Can you make an appointment at CT DMV?

Can I make an appointment for a DMV service? DMV now operates by appointment only. In addition, DMV’s license partners also operate by appointment only for license/ID card renewals and duplicates: Make an Appointment at a License Partner.

Do I need to return license plates in CT?

State of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles You must cancel your registration if you no longer have the vehicle or if you have moved out of state. Your vehicle will be subject to property tax assessment in the town of record until the registration is canceled.

What do I do with my license plates when I sell my car in CT?

As a seller you should keep a copy of the completed Title and Bill of Sale for your records. Remove your plates from the vehicle and cancel your registration with DMV. If canceling online, be sure to print out your receipt.

How do you sign over a title in CT?

Where Do I Sign a Connecticut Title? Sign on the back of the Connecticut Title on the top left side in the “Transfer by Owner” section. Sign where it reads “Signature of Seller”. Print your name to the right where it reads “Printed Name of Seller.”

What is the difference between commercial and combination plates?

The difference between a commercial and combination plate really gets down to the weight of the vehicle. Combination plates can go on trucks 8,800 pounds or less. Vehicles over that weight are required to have commercial plates even if the vehicle is not used for commercial purposes.

What does CT mean on license plate?

State of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. Home. Department of Motor Vehicles.

Can I get a refund from DMV if I sell my car?

Do I qualify for a refund of my registration fees? A: Unfortunately, no you are not. … If you purchase a vehicle with current registration, you are not subject to the registration fees for the current year, as they have already been paid. For more information, visit our website at

How do I speak to someone at CT DMV?

To speak to a live agent, you may call 860-263-5720 between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Is CT DMV open?

Road testing will resume June 23, 2020. Approximately 1,000 road tests have been rescheduled through June 30th. Customers are being called by DMV staff to schedule previously cancelled appointments….Select DMV Locations Will Reopen on June 23, 2020.LOCATIONEnfieldNEW LICENSEXLICENSE RENEWALXNEW IDX11 more columns•Jun 23, 2020

How much does it cost to transfer plates in CT?

The fee to transfer plates to a different vehicle is $21, plus a title fee of $25 (if applicable). If there is any change in names (adding/removing), there will be an additional fee of $20.

How much is a custom license plate in CT?

Fee: The fee for a personalized license plate in Connecticut is $94 in addition to any other registration fees. For more information, visit the Connecticut Vanity License Plate Website.

How much is a vanity plate in CT?

The vanity plate fee is $96. Vanity plate options – see additional information. Getting Classic Plate for First Time: $47 fee plus 2-year registration fee (Varies depending on amount of time left on current registration. You will be credited with the amount of time left on current registration.)

What do you do with old license plates in CT?

You need to return the plates, get a receipt, and provide the receipt to your town clerk. Otherwise the town will bill you for property tax on the old car.

Do you have to return license plates in Nevada?

In Nevada you are required to surrender your License Plates within 60 days. If you sell your vehicle. If your car is totaled. If plates can not be removed from the vehicle, you must fill out a Lost or Stolen License Plate Affidavit.

What happens if you don’t return license plates in CT?

Any plates that are not being used should be cancelled with the Department of Motor Vehicles as soon as possible. If the plates are not returned or cancelled, they are listed as active until they expire and will continue to generate a tax bill. In most cases, the DMV now allows you to cancel plates online.